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The fundamental reasons for archiving are regulatory compliance security, and eliminating storage space costs. This is achieved through providing an electronic repository of paper information or a “back file conversion” of paper documents onto electronic media. Placing your most valuable asset on an electronic media and then storing a copy off site or securely online is the first crucial step to securing the continuity of your business.

Key Benefits

  • Compliance with government regulation
  • Disaster Recovery and protecting your data from theft, fire, flood and other kinds of catastrophic loss
  • Information Security via password protection, on-site defenses and data encryption
  • Reduce storage space to inches from cubic feet and costs to almost nil from hundreds or thousands of dollars
  • Access Information on an Enterprise wide basis internally and externally.

We all know software and hardware manufactures advise rigorous back up procedures. Why, because they know that even the best designed software and hardware will eventually fail.

Back file conversion is an easy way to transform existing valuable information and overhead storage costs into increased efficiency and profits.