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How may we help you today?
Any Business that needs or wants to:

  • Prevent the loss of critical company records and data
  • Find documents in seconds
  • Share documents securely, internally and externally
  • Implement document Workflow
  • Document Scanning, Large Format Scanning, Book Scanning, Publication Scanning, Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning, Medical and Dental Records Scanning, and Intellectual Property Scanning
  • Efficiently manage regulatory compliance paperwork
  • Eliminate costly storage space and archival retrieval expenses

For Achieving:

  • Business Continuity and Peace Of Mind
  • Superior Customer Service Internally and Externally
  • Administrative and Labor Expense Reduction
  • Regulatory Compliance While Minimizing Cost
  • Enhanced Worker Productivity and Reducing Worker Frustration
  • Increased Information Access While Protecting Information Security
  • A Disaster Recovery Plan

Evaluating Needs
Did you know...
90% of an organization's information is still inaccessible by computer?
Office personnel spend up to 30% of their day looking for information?

What is it costing you without a document management system in your firm?
Here is a quick way to estimate your productivity waste in dollars:
Using the table below:

  1. ENTER in rows A, B, & C below your actual numbers
  2. Compute Daily Dollars Wasted [Row D=(A*B)*C]
  3. Compute Annual Dollars Wasted [Row E=D*280 work days]

We Can Usually Cut Your Costs By 70%!
Your actual savings will be more or less depending on your actual numbers.

Row Ref. How Many Dollars Can You Save? Typical Example Your Actual Numbers
A Total Number of Personnel 10  
B Average Hourly Wage $15.00  
C # Of Hours Searching and/or Refilling/Day 1  
D Daily Productivity Dollars Wasted $150.00  
E Annual Productivity Dollars Wasted $42,000  

To eliminate your wasted dollars, begin gathering answers to the following questions. This check list will allow you to properly evaluate your specific document imaging needs.

Determine Storage Requirements

  • How many documents must the system store?
  • How many existing documents are there and how many new documents are added annually
Approximate Pages & Weights
For Estimating Purposes Only
Description Pages Weight (lbs)
12 x 15 Storage Box 2,000 35
12 x 24 Storage Box 4,500 60
11 x 18 Paper Box 2,500 40
8 1/2 x 11 x 24 File Cabinet Drawer 4,500 60
8 1/2 x 14 x 24 File Cabinet Drawer 4,500 75

Determine Access and Security

  • What internal departments will be using the system and security needs?
  • What external customers will need access and how will they access information?
  • What level of usage auditing needs to be tracked?

Key Functional Requirements

  • What serious problems must absolutely be solved?
  • What issues should be addressed to reduce costs or improve productivity?
  • What issues should be addressed to make life easier?

Current System and Output Desired

  • Windows, Unix, Linux, OSX, Macintosh, LAN, WAN, or other
  • Integration with other enterprise applications
  • File outputs...CD-ROM, Hard Disk, Flash Drive, PDF, TIFF or other