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Film Conversion
Fast and Easy. We convert your archives of microfiche, microfilm or aperture cards to digital image files. Digital conversion allows your images to be managed, stored OCRed to extract text, and available for printing or searching literally at your fingertips.

Key Benefits

  • Capture images in either bitonal or grayscale formats
  • Transfer images to a number of other file formats that you may choose such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JBIG, etc.
  • Allow quick simultaneous access to your images from multiple locations, via cross referenced search fields
  • View your images with the standard image viewer that is included with Microsoft Windows® or with any other compatible viewer
  • Safe and secure back-ups of your film converted files to digital format can be produced and stored by IDS or you.

Send us your microfilm, microfiche or aperture cards and we will send it back to you on searchable media to view, email and print and more…

IDS Quality Care: Will validate expected volumes and image quality upon receipt of your microfiche, microfilm or aperture cards. Can perform image enhancement to re-crop, de-skew and de-speckle your images.

Can scan at 200 to 600 DPI. Can group images (frames) into meaningful files or multi-page images into individual page images into individual pages. Can OCR images to extract searchable and editable text. Will provide secure handling of all original media.