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Mail Room Services 

Traditional mail is still an important part of most businesses. Mail can be the primary means of communication with your customers. Let our professional staff perform your everyday or repetitive mailing tasks. 

Key Benefits

  • Free yourself to concentrate on the more important parts of your business
  • Receive a professional mailing address or one for a specialized use
  • Support for the road warrior
  • Provide mailing services to a large audience, of your customers or prospects with minimal effort
  • Eliminate the tedious task of custom mailings
  • No supplies to stock or postage to adhere
  • Fast, dependable, professional service

IDS can take a standard letter you provide, customize and send it to each of your many customers. We will mail merge, print or affix mailing labels, perform folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping…then deliver the mail to the post office for you.