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Misplaced or Lost Files
Indexing organizes documents into a cross referencing filing system that allows documents to be retrieved quickly and easily. We provide automated and manual entry of index information from a variety of sources.

Key Benefits

  • Empower users to comb through millions of records in seconds to find and retrieve needed documents
  • Never waste time looking for documents again
  • Search for documents by content, date, subject, key words, or phrases

We believe the more a document imaging system can adapt to your existing procedures, the less upheaval and employee training is involved, the greater the likelihood the electronic system will be used.

Your indexing system should provide several different methods of organizing information for retrieval. There are three primary ways to index your documents:

Index Fields

Full Text

Folder/File Structure

Whatever combination of indexing methods is used, it needs to be easy to use by the people who retrieve the documents, as well as those who file them.