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Surveys and Research Analysis

Online & Offline Surveys
Want to understand and explain customer behavior? We have 20 years experience via paper and Web interfaces designing and implementing research surveys.

Key Benefits

  • One-stop turnkey or a-la-carte survey services
  • Extensive experience performing statistical and survey analysis
  • Confidential and affordable back office services

IDS specializes in conducting survey-based, quantitative research. Our research professionals combine research rigor and project management expertise with leading edge methods and technology to ensure our clients meet their research objectives.
Our measure of success is simple. We translate our clients' research objectives into reliable, actionable information for fact based decision making.

Research Data Service

We provide a complete range of services to the market research professional. We operate quietly in the background offering a variety of services from initial program planning, to survey development, through collection, final analysis and reporting.

Any Firm that Needs or Wants to:

  • Control the whipsawing of overhead costs, due to the unpredictability of the number and timing of client engagements
  • Grow sales without adding permanent overhead
  • Access expanded market research skill sets without hiring or retraining
  • Reduce the stress of managing varied research tasks with a single source

For Achieving:

  • Administration Peace Of Mind
  • Outstanding Client Service
  • Administrative & Labor Expense Reduction
  • Professional Research Services.. . planning & design, survey development, statistical analysis and reporting services available turnkey or a-la-carte

Typical Industries Served & more...







Financial Services

Medical & Dental

Government & Agencies


Graduate Student Research

Real Estate


Transportation & Warehousing

Survey Analysis

Data is just data. The ability to analyze, organize and report about the data is our strong suit. Our rigorous, ethical approach assures the foundation of an actionable information base needed to manage business decisions more intelligently.

Key Benefits

  • Unlock trends and patterns in databases
  • Convert data to useable information
  • Discover how to sell more, improve customer service or identify new markets

Key Services

  • Questionnaire design and implementation
  • Coding of open-ended type question/responses (including categorizing)
  • Data-entry (manual or high-speed scanning with OCR available)
  • Computer tabulations
  • SAS©, SPSS©, Excel© database creation and others
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Conversions/Reformatting
  • Reporting and Results Presentation